Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interest in Puppet for commercial

Found some parties interested in Puppet! What an easy sell! These people manage hundreds of Unix and Linux servers daily. The sales process was so easy it was almost a shoo-in! These are people doing security audits on their machines and in the past they were just limited to performing the security audits and reporting them. When I told them that they could now go one step beyond by ensuring that the files are always kept in their original condition (adhering to security check lists) they were very interested.

Probably the only thing that I have to look into a bit more is the web front end to puppet. There were a few projects that I found namely puppetshow and puppet-reporter but a lot of the links to these sites were dead. These projects are mostly based on ROR and seems promising. I especially like the puppet-reporter and am looking to get it working as this is being written.

Will report more once I get it up and running

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