Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blow by Blow to get puppet master working on Opensuse

Okay, let's be honest here. I really loath reading documentation. Once an app presents itself qualifying itself by saying I have to read a handbook first before using it, then I go looking for another app. So here I am going to record blow by blow (usually by trial and error with a method I coin "giving it everything it needs until it works") of getting puppetmasterd working on opensuse 11.2

  1. Firstly of course we have to get the package installed by running 'zypper -n in puppet-server'.
  2. Okay! Everything is done now let's start her up. Usually you will get an error like this "Starting puppetmaster services.Manifest does not exist: /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp" and after spitting this error at you the service will fail to get going.
  3. Okay, following the principle above, let's feed it what it needs by doing 'mkdir /etc/puppet/manifests; touch /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp'. This will create the manifests directory and put in a temporary site.pp for it to chew on. Let's try again.
  4. Okay better now, the service started up, after a while though something else cropped up "Could not find user puppet"
  5. Let's add the puppet user .. "useradd -m puppet" and see if it helps. Ah yes! No more errors! 
Okay the next time we get down to some real configuration now we are just happy that it's running. Btw, the file to control where the manifests are on OpenSuSE is /etc/sysconfig/puppet.

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